Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Designing & More Learning

Once again I've been remiss on my postings. Kentuck Art Show last October kept me busy and inspired to bring more to this coming fall. I've designed four more fingerless mitt patterns (maybe five) and have purchased a charting program. I've gotten more serious about pattern writing. I haven't published anything yet because I haven't considered how I want to go about this process. Below is one of my original offerings for this fall.

 Learning more skills is another task that's kept me busy and inspired. Just for fun I decided to stretch my knitting skills with Bavarian knitting (shown below). This hat turned out beautifully though not in my favorite color. This will also be available for this fall as well…and in other colors besides hot pink.

Another skill set I worked with in the last couple of months is slip stitch crochet. This simple but unique technique yields a fabric that is stretchy and resembles knitting. With it comes horizontal cables and a design for fingerless mitts that are beautiful and elegant. I'm excited to see how well these will do in the art show as well.

Next month is Stitches South 2014. So looking forward to the challenge of this conference's classes! I will be learning more about reading the Japanese knitting charts. I've figured out a lot of them, but this class will help me understand them in more depth. A six hour class with Myra Wood in multidirectional knitting. This class is connected with her new book "Knitting in New Directions". I've taken many classes from Myra and really love her approach to textile art. Another six hour workshop/class with Amy Herzog on sweaters will be valuable as I go into more garment making.

Next month, I'll be able to publish pictures of my latest Treelander exhibition piece. This new addition will be exhibited in Atlanta's Square Foot Pin Up Exhibition sometime in April. I'm so excited to share it with those who follow my art pieces.