Monday, September 1, 2014

Colour Quest with Zauberball Crazy

Beautiful morning and a beautiful holiday weekend. I decided to sit on my back porch with my Mama Mocha's coffee and knit up some hats for this fall's Kentuck Art Show coming up quickly. This is Schoppel Zauberball Crazy fingering weight yarn and is available in a wide array of colors. The finished toque on the right shows quite the array of color progression that did not repeat.

If you plan on making a pair of socks from this yarn, be prepared to not achieve color symmetry from one ball. You may have to buy a second ball to do this, which will lead to a pricey pair of socks. Thus, knitting a hat or shawlette would be a better option. Below is a close up of the color progression.

Pretty colors! 

The Alabama summer sun cut short my morning on the back porch and the hummingbirds were chattering at me as I was too close to their nectar feeder. So I had to retreat back into the house. 

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the world around you. 

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  1. Cool! The colors look gorgeous! The work is so delicate. I wouldn't have managed to keep up working so much. I love them. I guess I can use them in my report at