Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baby Cardigan, Easy as 1,2...3!

I once said I would never make baby stuff....never in a million years. I never even made any baby stuff for my son who is now a 23 year old eating machine. My mother-in-law made him baby stuff. Later on in my son's growing life I made him an afghan and perhaps again I'll make him another afghan.....

Until a few weeks ago I was texting with my British sister-in-law, now American citizen about her sister in the UK now pregnant with her first child. My sister-in-law is relatively new to knitting and has made her a blanket. My inner voice said, 'make that newborn something!' Huh? Me? So I asked my sister-in-law if it was ok if I knit something up for the lad (yes, it's going to be a boy due the end of October), and so here is my blog entry of the pattern 'In Threes'.

I overheard someone at my local yarn shop recommend this pattern because it is so easy and knits up quickly...they weren't kidding. In Threes pattern is available on Ravelry. The link to the pattern is here: In Threes: A Baby Cardigan

Since this baby gift is going to an English lad, I had to accompany my knitting with some classic British chocolate!

The cardigan is a top down construction without seams....good grief, how much easier could this get? The yarn is Cascade 220 worsted weight in brown heather. One skein was just enough to make this garment. You can use any smooth worsted weight yarn to make this.
As you can see, the progress went quickly. 

Then the stitch markers went in to indicate where the sleeves will be placed.

A few rows later, the sleeves began to take shape.

The finished cardi! I decided to embroider some color in for interest. The embroidery was not in the pattern, I thought a plain brown cardigan just looked too boring. 

There it is....if I get any pictures of the baby wearing this, I'll post it here. 

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