Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Treelander: "Dreamdusk"

We lost the skyline….
                                ...We stepped right off the map
                                                  Drifted into blank space….
                               …And let the clocks relapse
-Porcupine Tree 'The Sky Moves Sideways'

To best describe Dreamdusk is like diving into a dream and not wanting to look away. Inspired by creation around me, the sky is like a moving canvas of shifting light and color with added drama of weather and nature.

So I captured a daydream in freeform textile art. The sky is tapestry weaving with the color shifts implementing impressionist technique used by Monet. The added texture of the clouds in freeform embroidery gave the sky more depth. Modern Irish Crochet motifs that create the tree came from Duplet-Crochet issue #124, and then embellished with freeform embroidery. Knitted cord became the winding trunk of the tree and texturized with freeform embroidery. Lastly, the 'landscape' is embroidered silk and rayon ribbon. 

As I was weaving the sky, I was inspired by a progressive rock band called Porcupine Tree. Specifically, their album "The Sky Moves Sideways". The song is dreamlike, very characteristic of Pink Floyd's 'Echoes' and like classic prog music, it is over 20 minutes long. It was in the lyrics the name of this Treelander was revealed…

In the dream dusk
We walked beside the lake
We watched the sky move sideways
And heard the evening break

Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree is a genius with this album. It is one of my new favorites. The band may no longer be together but Steven Wilson is still creating beautiful music. I also recommend listening his solo album 'The Raven That Refused to Sing'.

Open house to see the Square Foot exhibition is this weekend (April 26, 2014).

Dreamdusk came home today from Atlanta with a little surprise attached! Thank you Atlanta and Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance for the recognition.