Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Freeform to a Template

I like starting new directions after Stitches conferences. The first thing I like to do after these events is apply what I've learned in a new project. Even better if it's a couple of classes into one project. That's what I've done in this.

Multidirectional Knitting is a class taught by Myra Wood. Knit some shapes and piece them together in a template. Have fun, get creative and fill a square template. There's no mistakes, just happy accidents!
Challenging Stitches using Japanese Knitting Charts is a class taught by Gayle Roehm. The knitting charts are international symbols but some of the knitting techniques in Japanese knitting are quite clever. Pairing both of these classes into a project made creating even more fun! So I started with a Japanese chart and with 2 colors, knitted a swatch. I purposely misread the chart (yes! I really did!) can came up with a similar stitch pattern just as lovely.

The first image is the stitch I modified and the blue and gold swatch is the one I learned in class. Placing my modified swatch on my cut and press board…now the fun begins. I'm working with odds and ends from Noro yarns so I would have some interesting color progressions.

Next I added some squares. Joined the three together and added to my first rectangle.

Then I single crocheted a border around two sides of the piece, and then I picked up and knitted 32 stitches on the side. With 3 Noro colors I knitted a seed stitch switching colors every row. With each join, I lightly steam the squares and block them. Pretty cool! I'll revise this blog entry as the piece eventually becomes a 10 X 10 inch square.

The completed square!
7/2/2014: I completed three squares to make a 30 X 10 inch rectangle. I folded it twice and seamed together to create a bag. 

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