Sunday, July 21, 2013

Irish Crochet Clones Lace Workshop with Maire Treanor

Irish crochet has always been something I've admired but was a little intimidated to try. After learning from a master, I can admit that for the life of me, I don't know what I was afraid of!

lariat necklace with Clones knots and small Irish roses, a shamrock motif, and a wild Irish Rose surrounded by Clones knots in the center.

I attended a two day workshop this month to learn this time honored skill and will say it was definitely worth trip to Atlanta. The workshop was held at the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance (SEFAA) Center and attended by 10 students. We all had a lot of fun learning about the history of Irish crochet and seeing examples of needle point lace and crochet pieces done by Maire and ladies in the Clones area of Ireland. She also had with her examples of what the Russian textile artists such as Olga Krivenko (Olgamini) and Antonina Kuznetsova are doing using Irish crochet and other techniques such as Romanian Point Lace cord in their creations. I've been a fan of these artists ever since I bought my first Zhurnal Mod/Duplet crochet magazines. To see their handiwork in person is stunning and inspiring! I hope to perhaps one day meet these wonderful artists and learn their skills.

I learned a lot from this workshop such as the structure of the rose motifs and making the Clones knot.  I also got the confidence I needed to plow through those Pricilla Irish Crochet books I bought off of Amazon. There are some beautiful motifs in them and the written directions are rather quirky.  I'm happily discovering how wonderful it is to learn these international interpretations in my ever expanding adventure in textile art.
Me and Maire Treanor