Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update on the Morrocan Wool Freeform

I decided to revisit this freeform patch this week...and fit it to a round template. The patch had been tucked in a big plastic bag full of scrumbles and I really need to do something with these little gems.

The template is muslin about the size of a dinner plate and am trying my hand at making a scrumbled beret. So far so good. Once the template is filled in, I'll single crochet around the patch and then pick up and knit the headband.

ummm.....did I mention that I am trying to make a hat out of this?

4/26/2013, and the hat is finished. The name....'Happy Delirium'...and a very fine slouchie too!! I'll have more of these available this fall at the Kentuck Art Show.