Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rothbury Poncho

Back in April this year, I took a trip to Michigan to visit family. I knew it was going to be quite a bit cooler than Alabama so I decided to make myself a wrap...or so this project started out as a wrap.

During the visit, mom showed me a poncho she knitted years ago. The poncho was beautiful, but I was fascinated by the construction. Two pieces, same size put together and then pick up and knit for the collar. While mom's poncho was different, it had yarn fringe, a pom pom tie collar and aran style cables in the body, I measured what I started on the drive up and set about making what you see in the photo. Mom offered to give me the pattern but I wanted to design my own. I measured her poncho and made notes. I didn't even take a picture of her poncho.

I took some classes this spring on embroidering knitting and beaded knitting. While there is no beaded knitting in this poncho, I did add beads to the palestrina knots in the collar.

The finished piece fits pretty good for an adult woman, its not too long and looks good over a turtle neck top. The embroidery gave the overall design some life where otherwise, I wouldn't give this poncho a second look.

I have some more tweaking to do on the design but that's for another time. :)