Saturday, January 28, 2012

Treelander: The Glorious Challenge

This year I decided to participate in an art Australia.

The inspiration of Treelander came to me one afternoon when I was indexing files at work and listening to the wonderful progressive rock on my iPod. Once the idea came to me, I had to stop my indexing and grab a piece of paper to sketch this (or a facsimile) concept of a tree growing in rocks.

Created with no pattern to speak of, freeforming this piece came in 4 stages. I first knitted the sky in patches and had to figure out how I was going to attach it to a wire hanger. Then to create the tree trunk in random knitting and embroidering (and some crochet) in the branches. Then crocheting the rocks and landscape....piecing it together and adding the tree roots.  Finally came the beadwork and embellishments with buttons.

Once I mail out the piece to Prudence Mapstone in Queensland, Australia, I won't see the hanger until I get it back in late November. I hope the exhibit does well.