Saturday, December 31, 2011

Roger Dean Inspired Beaded Pullover with Update

I'm so excited about this work in progress...I know, it looks finished but this is the beginning of a wonderful work of art that will be seen at Stitches South 2012 in April.

The next task to this shirt will be some beadwork along the neckline and some embroidery work with that.  

The inspiration for this project began by Yes's album release "Fly From Here" in July. Roger Dean once again designed the album cover. I was instantly drawn to the colors and set about finding the yarns to pull it all together. Yarnhouse Studios in Opelika, Alabama supplied the Malabrigo Silky Merino and then I found a perfectly matched handspun by WhorlingTide's Beth Dinoff. I began from the bottom up by casting on 192 stitches and knitting in the round with two strands of yarn. As I made my way along, I implemented a color shift. Then along the yoke, I shifted into a lattice stitch with beadwork. Beads were supplied by Kindred Spirit Weaver's Linda Dixon.

Updated March 10, 2012:
The pullover is finished at last. I added the beaded neckline. It is sewn in over the faux fur embroidery to have a 'nested' appearance.

Updated April 22, 2012:
Beaded pullover was one of 5 Editor's Choice winners at Stitches South.