Saturday, January 22, 2011


Awhile back I went on a Noro yarn spending blitz. I buy Noro yarn differently than I buy my other yarns. I buy it with a project planned...and it's usually scarves.

Noro scarf projects are my portable projects that I take to my knitting group or when I have one of those lunch hours at work I just need to blow off steam. The Noro portable projects just work the best for me. The nice part about these yarns is you just knit along and the colors create the most one of a kind fabrics.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I've been working on these neckwarmers in luxury yarns. I discovered after finishing the first one on the left, this was missing another color that would give it a more gradual I started another one. The fibers starting with the dark purple is mink/cashmere from Great Northern Yarns in Orleans, Massachusetts. The varigated purple is a handspun Bluefaced Liecester yarn from WhorlingTides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The dark grey is alpaca yarn from Irish Meadows Alpaca Farm in La Motte, Iowa. The light grey yarn is angora rabbit handspun from Tail Spin Farm in St. Johns, Michigan. The white is a merino/angora rabbit yarn from Raspberry Farm Angoras in Oregon. The missing color in the first neck warmer is the light grey but just as stunning as the work in progress on the right. As you can see, home grown luxury.