Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Beautiful Bag from the Sari Silk Yarn from Hell

I started this bag 4 months ago with much fear and trepidation. Uncarded Sari Silk yarn is some of the awfullest stuff I have ever worked with...coarse silk ribbons from the saris, silk thrums and occasional straw spun together. This yarn is tough on the fingers, overspun and frustrating to work with.

AND contribute to my mental anguish....I made two of these bags!!

I tell myself, I'm not making anymore of these stupid bags...and everytime I go somewhere with one these bags, someone asks "do you make them to sell?"

 Well I'm selling both bags this fall at Kentuck. They'll be lined and come with a deer antler button closure. Will I be making more??......not anytime soon.


  1. It looks great but there is softer, easier to work with uncarded stuff out there!

  2. It looks like you were working with woven scraps, which I've heard are hard on the hands. And also thrums you say? loose threads I can understand being frustrating, I think it's meant to be spun.

    With other forms of recycled sari silk you can put a rubber band around the ball and let it hang to unwind. (That is, with yarn made from thrums such as illustrated here: Some are even made with a more relaxed spin (and often smaller gauge) and are marketed as such. But I had to look through a lot of it before I found some.

  3. Wow, this is truly beautiful! I hope you kept one for yourself!