Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mitered Magic Pullover

It all started with tickets to see Yes and Styx next month in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I hate clothes shopping...yes....I hate clothes shopping. The idea of going to department stores, rifling through racks of clothes to find something to wear to the beach gives me an anxiety attack. Find me in a yarn shop buying yarn with visions of making clothes makes me feel...well...productive.

I very seldom make myself something to wear...I do wear my work but I either give it away or sell it. This one is not for sale, yep, I'm keeping this sucker!

This pattern is an easy knit. It's all in garter stitch so you can take it to knit night. If you're new to mitered knitting, this is a great pattern for first time newbies. Skills needed to create the piece are casting on, knitting, double decrease, pick up and knit (PUK), and casting off. I used Noro Chirimen (60% cotton, 24% silk, 16% wool) worsted weight. Other yarns that can be used Poems Worsted by Universal Yarns or Noro Silk Garden Worsted. Any other worsted that has long color changes will work well with this pattern.