Monday, May 2, 2011

A Tale of Provisional Cast Ons, Short Rows, Wrap & Turns, Reverse Knitting and Kitchner Stitch

Why do I do this to myself? I choose to work a pattern with the most challenging knitting skill sets for what?? For a hexagon shawl. OK, so the reverse knitting was my idea but geez...all those short rows!!

Really I'm not complaining, I'm finding this shape quite interesting to knit. This is the second project I've done where the provisional cast on is used...because you have to graft live stitches together for the hex shape. If you hate the Kitchner Stitch, stay away from this pattern (Poems Rising Suns Shawl)...or if you want to learn the Kitchner Stitch, you'll be one grafting fool after making 10-12 of these puppies. Short rows make me want to reverse knit...I hate constantly turning my work. I learned how to reverse knit from entrelacing, it cuts 1/3 of your time to finish a project. Reverse knitting is probably the most useful skill you can ever learn. Just ask Gwen Bortner.

These hex shapes sorta look roundish in the photo, I haven't blocked them yet. Thank goodness for that Rowenta Steamer I bought at Target. I was told that steamer would change my life. I'll find out once I have to whipstitch these hexagons together....all 98 of them.

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