Sunday, June 20, 2010

Worldwide Knit in Public and Handspun Creations

WWKIP in Montgomery was fantastic. It is always wonderful to get together with fellow knitters, crocheters,! It was a weekend of connecting with artists and making new friends. Speaking of artists....yes, spinners are artists. Check out these hats I've knitted using handspun yarn.

The hat on the left is yarn from SunriseLodgeFiber. I love Shannon's work, her colorways are so uplifting and positive. She weaves talented gal. The center hat is yarn from FJCruiser on Etsy. Eileen can spin up some gorgeous creations. The hat on the right is a self striping handspun from ceereese1 on Etsy. Charisse was excited to see the result of this yarn and like me couldn't stop looking at the photo.
Coming down the pike will be some more handspun creations. I'll get getting some handspun yarn from Whorlingtides. I look forward to seeing what Beth cooks up!


  1. Ooooh!!! How fun are those hats!!! ;) I just love seeing what you create! Soooo much fun!!!

  2. I have printed to pattern. Now to decide on the yarn I want to use.