Sunday, February 21, 2010

From Artisan Handspun Yarn to a Knitted Beauty

Last year in March I bought a handspun yarn from an artist in New Mexico ( and was smitten immediately by the craftsmanship of this yarn. I set this yarn aside from my regular stash saying to myself I will find the perfect pattern or stitch to bring out the beauty of the colors to compliment the artisanship of this yarn.

A couple weeks ago I came across the yarn in my closet, pulled it aside and was tinkering with the star stitch in my knitting exploits. I got about 5 inches into the scarf and looked at how the stitch was revealing the yarn. This yarn wanted to tell it's own story and as the scarf grew, I got excited. WOW, yes, I'm keeping this scarf! I wanted the artist of this yarn to know how much I appreciated the thought and creativity that birthed this skein. I will wear this scarf often!!! Even in Alabama!

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