Monday, July 20, 2009

newborn hats

Knitted hats have been my learning project this summer
and I'm getting ready for the fall and winter. Perhaps later this year I'll roll out adult size hats, but for now in the middle of July, keeping my ears warm does not sound too appealing.
I'm learning to knit other fun things this summer as well. This week, I'll finish learning how to knit socks. For years, I've been intimidated by the mere idea of knitting socks...well I'm conquering that fear this week.
Darlene has been a dear, patient friend of mine and has been
teaching me knitting skills I've never been able to teach
myself to do. I'm going to miss her when she moves.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Freeform on Flickr

It's Friday! I'm sooo glad it is, such a long week in my regular job....I'm ready to play in my artwork and enjoy the weekend.

I now have my freeform artwork photostream on Flickr.

I'll be adding to the photostream as I finish and photograph my art. Feel free to check back for updates!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Happy Thoughts", a new Freeform Piece

Inspired by a skein of yarn I bought from Shannon at SunriseLodgeFiber, this piece can either be a decorative baby blanket, a lapghan for someone disabled or a tapestry piece.

I must take a moment and say Shannon is a wonderful sister in Christ and I could almost feel the uplifting energy of this handspun yarn. She named the yarn "Mystery Machine" from the Scooby Doo cartoon. I admit, I've seen enough of that "groovy" cartoon as
a kid to see the colorway.
Working with this yarn gave me happy thoughts and ideas...yeah kinda like the way Bob Ross thinks when he's working on one of his paintings. Next to Prudence Mapstone, Bob Ross is another person that inspires me. I'm about a quarter of the way done with it so I'll post the finished photos here and on Ravelry.
These photos were taken in the late afternoon, thus the reason for the long shadows. The finished photos will be taken at midday when the lighting is best.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kalapana Close up

Sorry, I'm posting this much later than I planned. Hopefully these two photos will capture the idea I had of pearls captured in a net of molten lava.

Happy 4th of July to you all, I took a moment this morning to pause and think about those who serve our country and those veterans who have served as well. It's also a time to think of our own personal Independance Day from this world.