Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Big Braid

One of my fiber friends chastised me for not updating my blog. I have no excuses, just projects.
These three scarves will be listed sometime in the next few days on Etsy. Inspired by a chunky cable scarf by a fellow knitter, I set out to find something similar and this braid caught my eye . I had wooden beads in an old bag from my early macrame days so I used them in the fringe.
I've been learning new knitting skills but the one that got me totally hooked this summer was knitting socks. Yep, I got bit by the sock bug...and was I bit bad! That will be my next posting with my sock pictures.


  1. I love this design! Is it a braided cable? (with three parts instead of two?)

  2. I have the PDF file if you want me to email the pattern to you. This is a great quick project.