Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing with NORO

Knitting with Noro yarn is a lot of fun and this is probably the only commercial spun yarn that you can buy that will knit/crochet up one of a kind gems. I purchased this yarn from Darlene's Yarn Shop in Opelika, Alabama. The yarn may have a coarse feel as you're knitting it up but it does soften up if you hand wash the garment with a touch of fabric softener and let it air dry.

This first ruffle scarf has lovely lilac colors in it with a heather grey and green. It reminds me of the lilacs that would bloom in the spring up north.
I tried taking good photos of this, but I'll probably try to photo it in direct sunlight. Maybe it will turn out better.

The second ruffle has a wider color spectrum with yellows, pinks, greens.
This would be a nice spring time scarf or do what I did and wear with black to make the colors pop.

This lariat/scarf was an experimental piece that yielded a beautiful result. Inspired by a pattern from Timaryart (Etsy shop), it is crocheted corkscrews that from a distance looked like blooming wisteria (the purple part). For anyone that is looking for something different in the accessory wardrobe, this is quite a "unique whip".

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