Friday, May 8, 2009

About my Avatar...the cute doggie pic

Meet Darby Queen, the family dog/therapist. She is quite a useless guard Beagle, she's only good at three things-and she does those three things quite, sleep, and love.

She became our family member a few years ago when my son carried her home from the county dumpster. She either got lost or was abandoned there, either way, she was hungry and stinky.
She had a sweet disposition that charmed us into taking her into our home.

You probably wonder where we came up with the name Darby Queen, it was my idea, she is named after a Ranger obstacle course in Ft. Benning, Georgia. We are pretty much an Army family and support our US Army Rangers. Why name a dog after an obstacle course?? Well....why not?

I said she is the family dog/therapist....this is where she earns her keep. Our lives sometimes get very stressful and she has this unique ability to calm us down and melt our hectic day away.
She loves anyone that comes over to our house and makes new friend with her calming charm. She is probably one of the most laid back dogs we've ever adopted.


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