Sunday, April 26, 2009

busy weekend!

Whew! I've had a busy weekend doing this and that!

First, I'm recycling yarn from a sweater I bought at the thrift store. It is a beautiful marine blue cotton yarn. I plan on twisting this with two other bamboo fibers together to make a shawl.

Second, I finished the body of a crocheted shawl that I'll probably name the colorway "liquid gold". This shawl has 3 fibers that I twisted together with my yarn twister. The fibers are a gold acrylic given to me by my weaver friend, a "fire" colorways tencel that I bought from Webs and a recycled cashmere I purchased from MishMash yarns from Etsy. I plan on adding beadwork to the fringe to give it more "pop".

Third, I've started taking photos for the Etsy shop I will be setting up soon. These are the ruffle scarves I've been cranking out. The yarn for the red one came from a talented French dye artist Tricoterie from Etsy. The yarn is a merino/tencel sock yarn and the color is just stunning! This photo doesn't give this color justice! The second scarf will be the first of a series of college team colors. This one is University of Michigan! The yarn is a merino bamboo hand dyed by a wonderful Etsy artist in Ohio named HandDyed. I also have this yarn in Auburn and Alabama colors.
I will be posting more scarves in the next few days.

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