Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to my world of FiberArts!

I've been encouraged to dive into the world of selling my work and have received many wonderful suggestions regarding what to do and where to start. One of them is blogging.

OK so here we go. I am a committed fiber junkie and enjoy working with fibers from all over this planet. I have handspun yarns from New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, Peru, France, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, and far. I also have commercial spun fibers too, much bought from Darlene's Knit Shop in Opelika, Alabama. Yes, this is where I live. Opelika/Auburn area....home of Auburn University SEC Tigers.

I can safely say I'm not an Auburn fan. I enjoy college football, but I pull for the Michigan Wolverines. I suppose I'll talk a little football during the season-I don't have control over the TV remote-whatever husband says we watch during football season, we watch.

On to warm fuzzy things....I work with alpaca, cotton, wool, rayon, acrylic, bamboo, tencel, cashmere, silk. I also have some mink/cashmere blend yarn from a gent from the northeast. If anyone wants the link to his shop I'll sent it to you.

I will be setting up an Etsy shop soon. I've made all sorts of wonderful friends with the sellers on Etsy. I think about my sellers often and pray for their success. I can't get over how many talented people are on Etsy, it's very motivating.

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